Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabyn King

Sabyn turned 5 today! She was so excited to have 2 parties, one for her friends and one for her family

She wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey, she was very silly to watch! Do you think she is close enough to the wall?

When it was all said and done, she was a little confused because she said she didn't feel like she was 5 years old! So she sais she is going to just tell people she is still 4!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Steven and I decided to have Thanksgiving at our house this year, oh boy will I rethink that next year! No actually, I really enjoyed it. We ran out of chairs so we had to pull out the ol' campin chairs. It was just too bad we couldn't have a little fire pit in the kitchen to go along with it all!

This is this funniest thing, Steven is sitting on top of me, and I am covered by the blanket so all you can see are my legs. Don't you just love his tights!

You know, it's funny because without my family, I can't help but wonder what kind of a person I would be tody? They all have helped me to make my choices in being the mother, the friend, the wife, and mainly the women that I am today. Because of this, I can only begin to express all of my gratitude that I feel towards them. The kindness and love that we share as a family is unbelievable and to be able to experience this feeling inside of my home, is something that I could look forward to every year to come.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Anniversary

Steven and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary! Looking back on that day, we both agree that it couldn't have gotten any better! The day before our actually wedding, the snow came down like crazy! Which made for a beautiful surrounding! So what can we say, still totally going strong! And our life is now like a whirlwind 'though we still always remember to love one another!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sabyn visit's the firestation

Sabyn went on her first field trip! We have been counting the days down, She was so excited to go!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Time

How is it that holiday's tend to get longer and longer each year that goes by?? This year it was at least a week long. Here are some details and pictures of our fun events... We started the week off by going to Gardner Village. It was my first time there, I must say that I did quite enjoy it

Then us big kids went to Fright mares at Lagoon! Wicked Rocks

Of course there is always pumpkin carving

The ward trunk and treat

Sabyn and Jauntae talked me into having a kids Halloween party at our house! Was not too excited about this one not gonna lie! But I actually really liked doing it. So maybe again next year

Lets not forget the fun costume party for us! (Oh dear)

Jauntae had her class party and I was en charge of the kids treat making, so my friend kim gave me an awesome idea to make fingers! They look horrible and taste really nummy, if you can get yourself to taste it! It was perfect for sixth graders especially the boys they loved making them!
Sabyn had her first little preschool performance! It turned out adorable. she was so excited to do it.

And finally the night of Halloween! I love it because our neighborhood still trick or treats old school so we went like mad man! It was Jauntaes first year to go with her friends instead of us, that was kinda sad. But I did get to ketch up with her for a minute to snap a quick photo! Lucky me

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First sign of snow!

Today it snowed in the valley!!! And we were very excited!!! (As you can see, no time to waste putting coats on!!) The kids are so excited to play in it, they are all old enough this year to enjoy the whole sledding thing. I was also very pleased because this meant Steven was stuck inside for the day... which means he had a big project inside that's been starring at us all, for many months actually! Its kind of a funny story, we are in the middle of finishing our basement (another project) in the meantime (while I'm at work) Steven decides to knock a huge wall out in our upstairs living room! Now Isn't that fabulous!! It will be, though projects around here tend to last awhile... I know, I even have a few myself! So tearing out our fireplace,we never used and knocking out the wall, here's what we've lived with for months now....
Here's a before picture
And here's an after, YES it is the same wall, I swear. It's just gone

Looking better already!!

So after a long days work he was able to get quit a bit done! I can live with it this way now for a few more months!!
While Steven was busy being the handy man I entertained asher and sabyn with a fort in the kitchen!

Thank goodness for the snow, and handy husband's with great ideas!

Bella's Big Day

On Saturday Bella was baptized! We are so proud of her, she is such a wonderful little daughter, and a loving big sister! I can't believe she is already 8 years old. I cannot say it enough, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO????

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

St. George

Ashley and Justin invited us to go with them and some of our other Friends to their family condo in St. George. It was definitely a small trip much needed! No trailor tents involved, nor were we searching for bugs!! We didn't even get lost and we all had a blast

asher and adra are little buddies!
We went to a place called Fiesta Fun

Ashley is posing so nicely while waiting for her turn to golf

The kids are all pretty close in age so they love to have each other there. Jauntae had a friends party to go to so she didn't go with us, I missed her being there!
So happy and free!!!
Thanks guys for the invite

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sabyns first day of pre-school!!!

I cannot believe that Sabyn is starting school! Man where does the time go?? Did you happen to notice that she is wearing two different outfits?? Well folks that would be because of her crazy mother, Tanaca.... Yes that's right the picture with the red t shirt would be our first try at preschool, meaning she didn't really start that week!!! I was off by one week!!!! We quickly realized this when we pulled up to school and no one was there! LOVELY! Our second go round was much better!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mountain Man!!

So our friends and us decide to go camping.....
Steven really wanted to go to Topaz Mountain, but we got a late start. So he then tells us about a place out west he use to go to as a boy scout. Apparently they found many many fossils! Once we get a little ways out west, I start realizing that he has no idea where this lovely place is!!! Needless to say we ended up in no mans land... And we never found any fossils!(It was a little bit dusty) But we still had tons of fun

Steven didnt like the location of the previous fire pit,
so he decided to relocate and rebuild-not one but two fire pits this time

The craziest thing ever! We are sitting around the fire,when all of a sudden we see this HUGE bug! I wish I had a picture of it, this monster was enormous and sick!! So Justin, Steven, and Chuck took it upon themselves to find it, us women found it quit comical to watch. It was like watching our young children playing

Ashely Hill with a ton of personality!!!

Here's the kids searching for those fossils that Steven, raved on about! What would I do without my Mountain Man????