Saturday, August 30, 2008


So moms, how many of you out there feel like me, once school is beginning to start i feel a sense of PANIC! "Oh no, the summer is almost over! and all we've done is work, chores, eat, and (barely) sleep!" So i than begin to plan multiple amounts of outings with my kids. Note to self:
Much easier to do throughout the entire summer, rather than the last two weeks before school starts
of course we spent, and are still spending plenty of time in our MANY lovely neighborhood parks

spent some good time at riverside
with opa

isnt it so cute how children never realize when they have wedgies

this is asher jumping off the diving board... this little boy is a studmuffin! seriously!

we went to lagoon! for some reason the pictures didnt turn out that great, but heres a couple anyway
ok so i have to admit, my children are a bit braver than i! pathetic i know, but i actually even stopped asher from going on the minney rocket, i just knew he would be terrified! only if daddy would have been there, asher would have been going on rollercoasters!!
and last but certainly not least we visited the aquatic center! that was pretty cool, the kids got to see jellyfish, octopus, stingray, sharks and not to mention nemo and dorie!

Sabyn even touched the bugs!!

i would still like to make it to the zoo!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mariah turns 6 years old!!!

So i guess we didnt get any pictures of her opening presents! Duh! She still had a fabulous birthday

Thursday, August 7, 2008


We've had quit a busy weekend, first going to Silver Lake for the day. Packed lunches for the family and played in the sun.

Jauntae is afraid of any water other than a swimming pool, actually she is TERRIFIED of fish big, medium, or small she wants nothing to do with them, well other than eating them. So needless to say this is how far we could get her to go in the lake. (little does she know, her mom is a little wigged out as well!)

this would be steven-yes posing with his new truck! check them out

Then the next day we went to Deer Creek, on our way down
we were able to get a couple pictures of the helicopter
putting out the fires in Provo canyon. It was crazy being that
close to it all

austie, kylee, and izzy

i know asher needs a hair cut BAD!!!

by the end of the weekend jauntae was up to her head in water, we were so so proud of her!! i asked her if she would be willing to swim anywhere now, she says NO WAY!!
after all that, now sabyn is worried, ahhh it never ends!!!


So, my husband and the boys truly felt like rock stars!!! They were asked to open up for a band called Saving Able, it was a full house and they rocked their socks off!!

Lets not forget the favorite fans!! Thanks everyone for the great supportJauntae was so excited to get to come and be apart of. I think out of all of us she was definitely the most proud, oh cute!