Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sabyns first day of pre-school!!!

I cannot believe that Sabyn is starting school! Man where does the time go?? Did you happen to notice that she is wearing two different outfits?? Well folks that would be because of her crazy mother, Tanaca.... Yes that's right the picture with the red t shirt would be our first try at preschool, meaning she didn't really start that week!!! I was off by one week!!!! We quickly realized this when we pulled up to school and no one was there! LOVELY! Our second go round was much better!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mountain Man!!

So our friends and us decide to go camping.....
Steven really wanted to go to Topaz Mountain, but we got a late start. So he then tells us about a place out west he use to go to as a boy scout. Apparently they found many many fossils! Once we get a little ways out west, I start realizing that he has no idea where this lovely place is!!! Needless to say we ended up in no mans land... And we never found any fossils!(It was a little bit dusty) But we still had tons of fun

Steven didnt like the location of the previous fire pit,
so he decided to relocate and rebuild-not one but two fire pits this time

The craziest thing ever! We are sitting around the fire,when all of a sudden we see this HUGE bug! I wish I had a picture of it, this monster was enormous and sick!! So Justin, Steven, and Chuck took it upon themselves to find it, us women found it quit comical to watch. It was like watching our young children playing

Ashely Hill with a ton of personality!!!

Here's the kids searching for those fossils that Steven, raved on about! What would I do without my Mountain Man????