Monday, July 28, 2008

The 24th of July

All together as a family, swimming, eating ice cream, and doing fireworks with the neighbors. It was a great day!

Asher and Tans birthdays

watch out everyone asher recieved a 3 wheeler
for his birhday, and he LOVES to go fast! it doesnt matter if you are in the way, he will ride over you-seriously
we watched asher come flying down the street on his 3wheeler
hair flappin in the wind, laughing as loud as he can!
it was the cutest site ever

asher is now 3!!!!

steven threw me a surprise pary
oh boy was i surprised
you name it and they were there

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Watch out Colorado and Moab, the Kings are on vacation!

We went on a road trip to visit some family in Del Norte Colorado,
made some fun stops along the way

peek a boo

This was my first time going to Moab,
What a beautiful place

Durango Colorado

This was a little town called Creed,
its about an hour outside of Del Norte.
We spent the afternoon walking around
and looking in the stores.
Of course we had ice cream!

We got to see Opas new hanger and airplane
Next time we want rides!

nighty night

There couldnt be anything more peaceful
than spending time here in the mountains

We pretty much did a little bit of everything, fishing, hiking, swimming, eating, more eating, and spending some quality time with the family. What more could I ask for! ( I even got to read twighlight-eeeks)

Omas has once said "This place is a little bit of heaven"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steven is a Rock Star

Move over Bullet For My Valentine, 30 Grit Slurry is now taking over!
Steven and the boys had a show at The Grand Prix Races, so we had a family outing! I'm just not sure which was more enjoyable, sharing family time or people watching!
Asher loved watching all the awesome race cars, he fell asleep making car noises
Nick, Noah, and Grandma Shelly came for the event. Thanks for the support!