Monday, November 17, 2008

Sabyn visit's the firestation

Sabyn went on her first field trip! We have been counting the days down, She was so excited to go!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Time

How is it that holiday's tend to get longer and longer each year that goes by?? This year it was at least a week long. Here are some details and pictures of our fun events... We started the week off by going to Gardner Village. It was my first time there, I must say that I did quite enjoy it

Then us big kids went to Fright mares at Lagoon! Wicked Rocks

Of course there is always pumpkin carving

The ward trunk and treat

Sabyn and Jauntae talked me into having a kids Halloween party at our house! Was not too excited about this one not gonna lie! But I actually really liked doing it. So maybe again next year

Lets not forget the fun costume party for us! (Oh dear)

Jauntae had her class party and I was en charge of the kids treat making, so my friend kim gave me an awesome idea to make fingers! They look horrible and taste really nummy, if you can get yourself to taste it! It was perfect for sixth graders especially the boys they loved making them!
Sabyn had her first little preschool performance! It turned out adorable. she was so excited to do it.

And finally the night of Halloween! I love it because our neighborhood still trick or treats old school so we went like mad man! It was Jauntaes first year to go with her friends instead of us, that was kinda sad. But I did get to ketch up with her for a minute to snap a quick photo! Lucky me